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The Troubled Path
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A living anthology of articles relating to issues that affect our lives and environment.

It's classified as a living anthology because it will never be finished. I will be adding articles to this anthology on an irregular basis covering issues that I feel strongly about based on my personal experience.

I do not expect everyone to agree with my opinions or stands on certain issues. What I do hope is that these articles will help you see that nothing about working with the environment is black and white and that in today's world so many have forgotten how to do research and to think outside the box when making policy decisions.

About the Author
Roy DuVerger, originally from New England, grew up as part of an outdoors oriented family, spending most of his free time hiking, exploring and studying the environment and wildlife found in the backwoods of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. An accomplished outdoorsman and Master Wildlife Conservationist with formal education in Wildlife and Forestry Conservation, Roy devotes his time to the research of wildlife habitat and ecology, conducting related wildlife studies, the development and creation of training videos, and environmental articles and books based on his personal experience.

Roy is the founder and past president of the Apalachee Ecological Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, membership organization, whose programs focused on environmental issues facing North Florida’s coastal watersheds from the Suwannee River west to the Alabama border, and a former member of the Bald Point State Park Advisory Board. He has been the key presenter at public talks; handled media interviews including radio and newspaper; developed strategies and presented information to local, state and federal elected officials regarding development issues; formed key alliances with other environmental organizations to challenge and bring about change in the area of coastal development; and lobbied federal, state and county representatives on national and regional environmental issues.

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