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Born out of the love for wildlife and nature, Ferret Fred Productions is an independent multimedia wildlife documentary and educational production company, focusing on wildlife, conservation efforts and environmental issues facing both North and South America, the Caribbean and Africa.

We create eye-catching multimedia productions that are informative in subject matter . . . designed to educate and create awareness of matters influencing our environment . . . to improve basic understanding of the natural world through video . . . connecting people with nature and inspiring them to protect and conserve wildlife . . . to motivate our youth to become involved . . . to build a wildlife conservation mentality leading to their involvement in research, education, and community-based conservation projects.

Editing and Accessibility

Ferret Fred Productions is passionate about the environment, animal protection, ecology, and wildlife.

We work with individuals, organizations and NGOs whose passions echo ours. Creating high quality video for their websites, blogs, documentaries, e-books, electronic magazines, periodicals, journals, newsletters; and literary, musical, or other performance works.

All our staff have either a formal education in, or experience working within, the Wildlife and/or Forestry Management field, or for environmental NGOs. So, when you submit your works to us, we have the basic knowledge to understand the topic you are covering and the message you are trying to convey.

Our captioning service gives you the ability to add time-synchronized Open or Closed Captions, Subtitles or Comments to your video. The ability to add textual information in this way provides greater accessibility of media content to those who may be unable to listen to a video’s audio track due to an auditory issue or language difficulties.

If you would like to discuss our Editing and Accessibility Service,  and see how it can work for you, please Contact Us. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

We offer special pricing for nature based NGOs, please contact us for more information.

About Us

Ferret Fred Productions was born out of love of wildlife and the natural world by photographer and digital artist 'beth Hayes and environmental author and Master Wildlife Conservationist Roy DuVerger

'beth is an award winning photographer and a graduate of duCret School of Arts. She has also studied at Traphagen School of Fashion, Florida State University and John C. Campbell Folk School. Her work has been displayed in single and group shows in New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida, and is represented in private and corporate collections.

Roy is an accomplished outdoorsman, Master Wildlife Conservationist with formal education in Wildlife and Forestry Conservation and environmental author. As founder and president of Black Pearl Ecological, he developed a real understanding of the scarcity of environmental educational programs and opportunities available to children and teens.

Ferret Fred Productions maintains a company policy to promote educational awareness of the natural world and wildlife that relies on our actions for their very survival.

Believing that electronic media is vital for this, we maintain a specialized production company with studios situated in Western North Carolina, focusing on natural world and wildlife related Photography, Videography, and Audio. We seek to:

  • Connect young people with nature, inspire and teach young people to protect wildlife and the natural world.

  • Create quality nature programming that is informative in subject matter, pure entertainment and can be enjoyed by a broad cross section of audiences worldwide.

  • Educate and create awareness of matters influencing our environment and help improve basic understand of the natural world through video and photography.

  • Offer a large and diverse wildlife and natural world production service, including a comprehensive stock footage library.


While working on various projects we find the need to obtain video first hand to complete the story.

When this happens, we post in this section where we will be and when. That way if you have a need for any stills, video or audio for an upcoming project from that area, you can contact us and we will do our best to obtain that content for you.

From our base in Western North Carolina we are continually collecting stills, video and audio for upcoming projects.

If you are in need of any stills, video or audio from this area for your project, contact us and we will do our best to obtain that content for you.

We look forward to working with you!

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