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The Unrecovered Country
Blue Roofs under Caribbean Skies
The Unrecovered Country

On September 6th, 2017 the U.S. Virgin Islands were hit by Category 5 Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history. Twelve days later we were hit by Category 5 Hurricane Maria, making the U.S. Virgin Islands the only place in the United States to be hit by two Category 5 hurricanes in a two-week period.

This memoir is a first hand account of the environmental alterations we personally experienced, witnessed and were party to during the first four months after Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria passed over our home on the island of St. Thomas.

Jaguar Tales
The Troubled Path
The Troubled Path

A living anthology of articles relating to issues that affect our lives and environment.

It's classified as a living anthology because it will never be finished. I will be adding articles to this anthology on an irregular basis covering issues that I feel strongly about based on my personal experience.

I do not expect everyone to agree with my opinions or stands on certain issues. What I do hope is that these articles will help you see that nothing about working with the environment is black and white and that in today's world so many have forgotten how to do research and to think outside the box when making policy decisions.

Ferret Fred's Friends
ferret freds friends

Ferret Fred's Friends is a series of enhanced ebooks, designed for todays youth who are interested in expanding their understanding of the natural world in a more personal way.

I believe they will want to journey along with Ferret Fred and learn about the new friends he makes as he travels through the countries that make up our world.

Turtle Dreams
Rising Seas
turtle dreams rising seas

My latest Turtle Dreams performative documentary depicting the changes that are affecting a section of coastline in the Florida panhandle due to climate change.

As a former sea turtle patroller I witnessed the profound changes this erosion was having on the sea turtle nesting habitat.

The pictures in this documentary were taken by me while performing my nesting patrols and are just examples of the growing hardships these magnificent creatures endure to lay their eggs.

About Me
Roy DuVerger

I have traveled and experienced nature's beauty and power in many different parts of the world.

Worked with various NGOs as president, volunteer and lobbyist to help advance their causes.

Organized and participated in various studies and research projects designed to gather crucial ecological and biological information.

Currently working on an wildlife habitat and ecology research project, and running several wildlife studies that are directly connected to this project.

These and other hands-on, real life experiences form the basis of my books, articles and video productions which I believe will show just how little we know about our environment, how much research and data collection is desperately needed, and enhance our youths' desire to experience nature for themselves and in turn understand how important it is to protect.

Wild Side of Art
Educational Outreach
Wild Side of Art

"Nature-deficit disorder" is the loss of connection children increasingly feel with the natural world. It is not a clinically recognized condition, but rather a term to evoke a loss of communion with other living things. Nature-deficit disorder affects "health, spiritual well-being, and many other areas, including people's ability to feel ultimately alive."

I believe that all children should have equal opportunity to experience nature and a family's ability to pay should not be a deterrent to gaining these experiences and that nature-deficit disorder is something we can eradicate.

That is why I provide free distribution of my nature based books to the poor and under-privileged through my Wild Side of Art Educational Outreach program. I believe that these books will provide children with the inspiration to want more contact with nature, to make a greater investment in nature and to learn that protecting the natural world is not only required to save the creatures that we share this world with, but for our own survival as well.

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